Floor Safety Tapes

Five Uses Of Floor Safety Tapes

Floor safety tapes are types of sticky tapes that work on an adhesive principle, which allows their user to stick them on different kinds of surfaces, for various purposes and a specified period. There are different types of safety tapes, and they vary in color, use, texture, size, and quality. For more details on where to buy safety tapes, visit https://www.creativesafetysupply.com. The marking tapes, also known as adhesive tapes, have got several uses. In this article, we discuss the five key uses of floor safety tapes.

Applications of Floor Safety Tapes

Marking Hazardous Areas

Caution graphicThe floor safety tapes are used to show no go zones. There are specially created security tapes for this function, and they also come in different colors, patterns, and sizes so as to be seen clearly. These kind of tapes are common in industries and warehouses due to their high-quality properties like enduring heavy traffic flow.

Show Passage Routes

Another primary function of safety tapes is showing directions. This can be done using footprint stickers or even way-finding markings on the floor. Print decals are durable and can even withstand heavy traffic. The print labels are also made in various shapes to give alternatives for diverse workplaces such as hospitals, schools, industries, or even shopping malls to show directions.

Prevent Slipping

These kinds of safety tapes are also called anti-slip tapes. Their key function is to prevent falls caused by slipping at places that have slopes, are slippery, or any other place that foot grip is needed. The anti-skid tapes are typically used in factories, airports, oil rigs, and even hospitals.

Give Visibility even in the dark

Floor Safety signs graphicAnother significant use of safety tapes is providing reflectivity even in dark places. These kinds of safety tapes are mainly created with glowing features that allow them to glow in the dark. They mark areas that have poor lighting in factories and warehouses. They are also placed on objects that might be in unexpected areas. It’s important to remember the glow tapes cannot act as substitutes of proper lighting. They instead act as backups.

Dividing spaces

The floor safety or marking tapes are also used to mark areas where specific materials and equipment are kept. Diverse colors can be used to distinguish various positions for different items. Workers easily find their way to the areas that hold necessary tools quickly and easily. The tape also marks doors and shelves and is even used to wrap pipes.

These five uses of floor safety tapes are just but a tip of the iceberg as there are much more functions of these tapes. As they say; safety comes first, the floor safety tapes is an assurance of this.