How to identify a good preschool in Wandsworth

If you are planning to take your child to preschool in Wandsworth, then you are probably looking around. There are many nursery schools available, but there are specific factors to consider when choosing one. Before choosing a preschool, make sure that the school will provide comfort and also growth for your child. The Wandsworth Preschool offers an education foundation for your child, and you want to make sure that your child has a good one. You want your child to enjoy learning, and there is no better way to do this than through a good preschool.

A good preschool

Good learning environment

A good preschool should provide a good learning environment. Take time and visit the premises and do an assessment of the environment. This will tell you if the school setting will encourage learning. Some of the things to check at this time include classrooms for the kids, play area, and napping area. The classrooms should be well decorated because children learn by observation, the play area should be safe to avoid accidents. The napping and sleeping area should be hygienic to allow the kids to sleep well. All these are factors that you can determine by making a physical visit.

Kid's toy Play graphic

Learning materials

Learning materials are important in a nursery school. The school should have adequate materials for all the kids in the school. Some materials encourage learning in doll house to encourage creativity, stacking objects and other materials. You want to make sure that your child has all the necessary resources that are required for learning.


Meals might not be part of the learning process, but the meals offered by the school are still important. A good school should be aimed at providing healthy meals for the children. Nursery school is comprised of toddlers, and they need healthy meals that will encourage their growth and development.

Professional and friendly teachers

Toddlers are difficult to control and especially in a learning environment. You need to make sure that the school has professional and friendly teachers. The teachers should be patient and helpful when helping your child to learn. This will make learning fun and interesting to the child.

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Teacher to child ratio

Nursery school children require personalized attention, and this means that the school should have a high teacher to child ratio. A high teacher to child ratio will guarantee that the needs of all the children are met.