Importance Of The National Flag In USA

The design of the American flag pays direct homage to a particular time in history when America was colonized by the British and was eventually given freedom from its reign. The thirteen stripes that are on the flag represent each of the thirteen original colonies that came together to oppose the British and gain their ultimate and eventual freedom. It has also become a symbol of American values. If you would like to buy an American flag, please visit collinsflags flags on their web page for more details.

Importance Of America Flag

It Shows Strength

America Flag The flag is often used as a sign of unity and significance when it comes to war and battle. During the American Revolution, the flag was raised at the headquarters of the General George Washington – who then later, of course, went on to be the nation’s first ever President. More recently, is it used to mark forts, and naval ships and flags are consistently used in ceremonies dedicated to members of the armed forces, police officers astronauts, and firefighters. Neil Armstrong also placed the American flag on the moon when he became the first man to walk on its surface.

It represents many values

The American flag is more than a symbol of patriotism and geography. It is often referred to when people want to emphasize the values of America and their peoples. For some, the flag embodies some noble qualities and attributes; symbolizing liberty, justice, freedom and the love of their country. The first ever flag was designed with its stars in a circular design, which was meant to imply that all colonies are created equally.

Although the design has now changed, it is unlikely that the ethos behind it has. The thirteen stripes supposedly represent the struggle for independence whilst the colors of it all have their own meaning. Red symbolizes valor, white signifies purity and blue represent loyalty.

It is protected

couple America FlagThe American flag holds an almost sacred status with the destruction or disrespect of it being hugely frowned upon or even deemed criminal. In 1989, President George Bush Snr proposed an amendment to the Constitution which exempted flag desecration as a form of free speech. In doing so, this made flag destruction a criminal act by law.

This was the Flag Protection Act 1989. This law made it illegal to destroy the American flag regardless of intent and motive. However, after some backlash and subsequent court rulings, The Supreme Court ruled that the burning of the flag was indeed an example of the constitutional right to free speech.