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An Ultimate walkie Talkie Buying Guide

If you own or manage a big factory or company, you need to introduce the use of walkie talkie for easy communication to workers in all corners of the factory. Police use walkie talkies with sophisticated channel controls due to a large number of police people who need to use them. Walkie talkies are different in features depending on the manufacturer hence the need to understand what you are buying.

What to consider when buying a walkie talkie

The number of channels

2 walkie TalkiesSince different people may want to buy walkie talkies for different purposes, then a thorough consideration of the number of channels must be made. It determines the number of different people can use the walkie talkie and also gives an allowance to change often for privacy and security reasons. For example in a factory, line one managers may have their channel, line two theirs and so on. A small factory may need to use only one channel that is changing on a daily basis.

The durability

Being gadgets to assist communication during the work time, then it means that the walkie talkie will be exposed to some harsh conditions. Sometimes its handles with dirty hands when a factory employee needs to respond to a call. Other times they fall off the belt clip as the staffs are working. The materials need to be durable to withstand all these.

The battery life

It is one of the most crucial parts of the walkie talkie. A good battery will avoid frequent charging during work which wastes time, and the owner may miss some valuable information. Detachable batteries are better for ease of replacement.

Walkie talkie to buy

different kinds of walkie TalkieOne of the best walkies talkie to consider buying is Cobra CXT 1035R. One winning feature about this product is its ability to get a reception where others have failed. It carries great extra features like the weather updates and a USB charging option. The battery life is good, and the top protective layer makes it a perfect piece for outdoor activities.
One more excellent option of a walkie talkie is Motorola MU350R. It is a uniques piece that has incorporated some innovative features like bluetooth capability and USB charging option. It also has an option to give emergency alerts and therefore a great outdoor piece.


Walkie talkies are meant for easy and fast communication. Unlike ordinary phones, they offer two-way communication where one person must talk at a time.