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Things You Should be Doing in Your Senior Year

It’s your last year in university, and you’re torn between having to graduate, preparing to start your career, and spending the last moments you have with your friends. A senior year is one that every university graduate remembers most, and a lot also has things that they regret not being able to do.

Some are too cooped up in their dorm rooms studying for the perfect GPA, while some is having too much fun forgetting that they have to graduate at the end of the year. How do you keep it balanced, and what are the things you have to do to prepare for life after university?

Getting work experience

A lot of students underestimate getting work before university. They worry too much about their grades, unaware of the fact that most fresh graduate job offers require a minimum of 6 months working experience. It is very hard to find a job with no working experience requirements, and once you graduate you won’t be able to find a lot of internship opportunities. Internships are usually only available for undergraduates. So while you are still in your last year, we recommend you to look for an internship opportunity. Companies are usually lenient in giving you a few days off during your internship to study for finals, so no need to worry about messing up your grades.

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Once you’re a university graduate, you won’t be able to have much time to network. Networking in the career industry that you’re going for will make it easier for you when you want to look for jobs. It will also give you useful insight into the industry that you are passionate about. You can make networking more effective by attending workshops, conferences, and any other events involving your industry. Express your interest through as many channels as possible to attract the big dogs in the industry.

Having fun

It is your last year, after all! Once you and your friends graduate, you won’t be able to see them much because they’d focus on jump-starting their careers, and for some, starting their family. You’ll even think twice to go to dinner together and have to sort out your schedule first. Find the time now to do things with your friends that you won’t be able to do once you graduate. Travel to another country, attend music festivals and make memories.

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